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The report of the commander of the 2nd reserve horse artillery battery to the commander of Division 1 on September 5, 1917. Somehow well-established classes have now come to a complete decline. Despite the best efforts of the officers to restore at least something, the matter remains in the same position. There is no open confrontation, but by hook or by crook, soldiers evade occupation: they hide or leave the city without permission. There were cases when the team in full force was asleep by the time the officer came to class. The same is observed with respect to chores. You can assemble a team only after reinforced requests from the heads of the soldiers. The work is conducted ugly, as a result of which barracks, stables, yards and all services came to a terrible state.

 The requirements of hygiene soldiers do not recognize, and all instructions for them zero. Not a single soldier returned from vacation in time, being up to a month late. Of the penalties, one arrest remains, and that is inapplicable due to the slowness of the proceedings and the extremely limited number of punishment cells; inability to find the culprit, since most of the misdemeanors are committed by entire companies or in a crowd. The guilty in either case are covered by the comrades. The battery is terribly advanced theft. Steal absolutely everything: from each other money, things. They steal the official uniforms from each other and from the ceikhgauz, steal weapons revolvers and checkers, even saddle tires. Everything stolen or sold, or goes for personal use. No measures can be applied, because with a huge number of soldiers and their mutual responsibility, the dispersion of the premises and free absenteeism from the barracks, it is not possible to find the guilty and the missing thing, and there is no means for that.

Despite the constant demands ofuniforms and issuing it according to their affiliation, the soldiers have long lost any military form: they go without shoulder straps, without belts, torn and dirty; Cockades wear all sorts of sizes, colors and types, in a word, they are a complete sample of a free citizen. A lot of orders were given, the officers read and explained the orders of the highest authorities, which were hung on the walls of all the rooms, while on the street I stopped soldiers without shoulder straps, belts, gymnasts, went to the barracks to bring themselves into proper form, and everything was useless. In parallel with this, in the evenings before the barracks, one can observe the sale of government uniforms, and even the dachshund has been established for these items, such as soldier trousers are now valued at 30 rubles, and this price rises gradually with a general rise in the cost of basic necessities in the city.

 It is no secret to anyone that similar items 1 RGVIA, f.1606, op.2, d.956. can be found on Monastyrka, and on Ilyinka, and in all other places visited by soldiers. I tried to turn to the assistance of the police and detective police, but there were no results. For all the same persuasions, speeches and exhortations of soldiers about the inadmissibility of thefts, sales and damage to state property sometimes get the wildest answers, like the fact that “the old regime is to blame” or “is it we who are unconscious”, and at the same time, theft continues The same attitude among the soldiers and to everything that even remotely resembles the similarity with the order: the words “old regime”, “counterrevolutionary” were used to define anyone who wants to make at least the smallest order.

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